My name is Jossie (pronounced like Josie and the Pussycats), and you might have seen me around the pool with my son — he was the one who played the trumpet national anthem for the home meet — and I am on the pool board.

The winter has dragged on, and I want to make sure that you’re all set for the summer fun at Woodbridge Valley Pool. Don’t miss out on exclusive savings by renewing your membership now! Pay prior to April 1, and receive $15 off dues plus a bonus 10 guest pass package. Upgrade as a bond renter, and you’ll get a $50 credit toward the cost of the bond for this season.


Renewing is great, but did you know that upgrading to a bondowner membership is better in the long-term?

Once you purchase a bond, you’ll find that bond member annual dues are significantly less than renting over time. Not only do you benefit financially from owning a bond, but you become part-owner of Woodbridge Valley Pool! You can attend member meetings, vote on important pool operation matters, and join the pool board if you choose. You can join the Bondowners’ Bash, a pool party available only to bondowners before the pool campus is open to the rest of the membership.

Wishing for sun,

Jossie, Communications Chair, Woodbridge Valley Pool Board